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Monday, February 20, 2006

Away from home again

Well here I am in Barcelona, my first time in this city although I have not seen much of it so far. Great trip out, not! Our plane was 45 minutes out when they discovered a problem with some anti-ice equipment, so back we go to see if they can fix it. So 20 minutes to replair they said and about 1 hour later we take off again. As I was flying on a 'no frills' airline the only 'freebe' on offer was a glass of water. So having been up since 5 this morning and had no lunch I am on my second room service order.

The hotel is OK but there are only 2 channels show english language, one is BBC News 24 and a Spanish one shownin undubbed movies, I suppose it's better then nothing and I'm sure I wont die from withrawl symptoms.

Well I suppose I should get some rest.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Back in the UK

Well I returned as planned from the Land of the Big Portions to a colder UK. My new job is still great but the 8 hour time difference to colleagues can be a bit of a pain, but hey I knew where they were when I signed up.

U2 and the grammy haul. I love to see them win things as I have been a fan since 1983, War was the first Album I ever bought. Seeing them in Dublin last year was one of the highlights of my year.