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Monday, September 04, 2006

Post Op Post

I'm back at my computer having stayed away for 2 weeks while recovering from an operation to remove my appendix.

Now just in case any of you think I chose to have this operation, THINK AGAIN.

I had a pain my stomach on a Thursday night, went to bed and got up 3 times to 'throw up' and was still in pain Friday morning. My better half insisted I go to the doctor and she then accompanied me to the local hospital. Following test including an ultrasound examination of my gallbladder and some morphine (nice), I was wheeled into an operating theater and was cut open.

Post Op care was great and I was allowed to eat and get out of bet the next morning but I still had a drip for a couple of hours and was getting intravenous painkillers.

I left hospital on the Sunday afternoon and came for 2 weeks convalescence.

That's now ended and I must leave daytime TV and return to the world of work.

I still ache a bit and the area that was shaved for the off stings still but I am 90% recovered I believe and looking forward to complete normality being restored.


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