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Monday, January 23, 2006

So here I am in my hotel suite, in a hotel of suites, having completed a week here in San Fancisco. As I was here I took advantage of the local tourist attraction and have been to both Alcatraz and the Wine area of Nappa and Sonoma, I heartily recommend both of these to any one with some time to spare while here. The wine tour is a full day but Alcatraz and be seen in a few hours. It's a fascinating site.

As to the new job, so far so good. I have been made welcome and look forward to working with everyone for some time to come.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Year, New Job

Well hear we are and 2006 is upon us and I have changed job. First day I flew to San Francisco. I have spent the morning here and done some of tourist stuff. I went to Fishermans Warf and booked a trip to Alcatraz for next Saturday and a wine tour to Sonoma and Nappa on Sunday. I like San Francisco as a place not as frantic as New York. At least it's not raining as it has been at the moment although it's forcast to rain later in the week.

I will be here for nearly 2 weeks. What a great way to start a job.