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Monday, March 13, 2006

Being a U2 fan I was surprised to hear the voice of Johnny Cash on the 1993 album Zooropa. I had only heard the odd track of his on the radio up till then. Things like 'Boy Named Sue' and songs from the San Quentin or Folsom Prison records. But it was not until he was nearly dead that I started to buy his music and I started with the American Recordings. I have the first 4 and await number 5. The recent movie about him 'Walk the Line' I thought was great.

Rick Rubin I believe is responsible for the revival of Johnny Cash's career in the last decade of his life and we should all thank him for that, Cash's voice singing 'Hurt' or 'Personal Jesus' is just amazing.

This weekend I bought the new Neil Diamond album '12 Songs'. Again a Rick Rubin production. I am not sure if Diamond was in need of a career boost but I think he will get one from this album. I bought because I had heard Neil Diamond in my youth as one of my siblings owned one of his albums but also because I suspected that the Rubin methods would produce a clear and strong vocal sound. Like Cash Diamond has a distinct voice and this recording more then does it justice.


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